Edited by Anna Barton and Anne Stiles

Volume 12 (2015)

The Victorian Provincial Novel
Amy J. Robinson

Associationist Philosophy, Cognitive Literary Studies, and Objective–Subjective Habits of Mind
Melissa Shields Jenkins

‘To Arms!’: Invasion Narratives and Late‐Victorian Literature
Ailise Bulfin

What Do We Know? Reconsideration of Victorian Realism and Epistemological Doubt
Kristen A. Pond

Victorian Melodrama
Michael Gilmour
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Victorian Philology and the Metaphors of Language
Sarah Weaver

Women Writers, Nineteenth Century Nursery Rhyme and Lyric Innovation
Melissa Valiska Gregory

Between Freud and Coleridge: Contemporary Scholarship on Victorian Literature and the Science of Dream‐states
Stephanie L. Schatz

Volume 11 (2014)

Evolution in the English Department: The Biocultural Paradigms of Literary Darwinism and Adaptive Rhetoric
Alex C. Parrish

Fashion and Dress Culture
Sarah Parker

Literary Brains: Neuroscience, Criticism, and Theory
Patrick Colm Hogan

Neurology and Modernist Literature
Susie Christensen

‘Nineteenth-century Poetry and Forgiveness’ cluster

Introduction: Exploring Forgiveness in Nineteenth‐Century Poetry
Emma Mason

Browning’s “A Forgiveness”: A Grammatical Reading
Richard Gibson

Christina Rossetti’s Later Life: A Double Sonnet of Sonnets (1881): Exploring the Fearfulness of Forgiveness
Elizabeth Ludlow

The Dynamics of Poetics and Forgiveness in Adelaide Procter’s ‘Homeless’
Cheri Lin Larsen Hoeckley

Ecotheology and the Idea of Forgiveness in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Paul Chi Hun Kim

“asking with tears forgiveness”: Weeping as ‘Gentling’ in Blake’s Milton
Erin Lafford

Forgiving Wordsworth: Revision, Religion, and Cockney Reconciliation in Leigh Hunt’s The Feast of the Poets
Michael Tomko

Afterword: Forgiveness, Prayer and the Meaning of Poetry
Vittorio Montemaggi

To Renew and Act Anew: Approaching Forgiveness in The Long Nineteenth Century
Andrea L. C. Hewitt

Re‐visioning the Colonial City: Local Autonomy versus the Aesthetics of Intermixtures in the Age of Circulating Print Culture
Sambudha Sen

Volume 10 (2013)

Medical Ethics in Victorian Fiction
Lisieux M. Huelman

“Robert Browning at 200: An Assessment of the Poet in His Bicentenary Year”
Clara Dawson

19th‐century Travel and the 21st‐century Scholar
Alex L. Milsom

The “Transition to Modernism”: Recent Research on the Victorian/Modern Divide
Kristin Mahoney

Victorian Murder: Complex Problems and Academic Interdisciplinarity
Marlene Tromp

Scholarship in Victorian Women and Medicine: An Overview
Kristine Swenson

The Transformations of Charles Dickens in Early Socialist Poland
Ewa Kujawska‐Lis

Victorian Literature, Religion, and Secularization
Charles LaPorte

Form and Global Consciousness in the Victorian Period
Ayşe Çelikkol

The Man, the Butterfly, and the Heaven above: A Comparative Look at Robert Browning and Chinese Philosophy
Shu‐Fang. Lai

The Global Circulation of Charles Dickens’s Novels
Regenia Gagnier

The Global Circulation of the Literatures of Decadence
Regenia Gagnier

Volume 9 (2012)

Special Issue: Philosophy and Literature in Nineteenth‐Century Britain

Literary Form and Philosophical Thought in Nineteenth‐Century Britain (pages 695–707)
Kate Hext

Coinage of the Term Environment: A Word Without Authority and Carlyle’s Displacement of the Mechanical Metaphor (pages 708–720)
Ralph Jessop

Fichte, Carlyle and the British Literary Reception of German Idealism (pages 721–732)
Kit Andrews

‘God’s Truth’: Kant, Mill and Moral Epistemology in Oliver Twist (pages 733–742)
Andrew Mangham

Existential Scrooge: A Kierkegaardian Reading of A Christmas Carol (pages 743–751)
Shale Preston

Moving Worlds: Fictionality and Illusion after Coleridge (pages 752–763)
Peter Garratt

George Eliot, Harriet Martineau and the Popularisation of Comte’s Positive Philosophy (pages 764–773)
Lesa Scholl

Dialectical Envisioning: Daniel Deronda and British Ethical Idealism (pages 774–785)
Hao Li

“Moving Things into Certain Places”: Nature, Culture and Art as Practice in Victorian Writing (pages 786–800)
Philipp Erchinger

Victorian Instincts: Anthony Trollope and the Philosophy of Law (pages 801–812)
Frederik Van Dam

The Influences of Buddhism and Comparative Religion on Matthew Arnold (pages 813–825)
J. Jeffrey Franklin

The Triumph of Schopenhauer’s Pessimism Over Comte’s Positivism in George Gissing’s Early Writing (pages 826–836)
Debbie Harrison

The Idea of Wessex: Subject, Place, and Memory in Thomas Hardy’s Poetry (pages 837–847)
Julian Wolfreys

Constance Naden’s Philosophical Poetry (pages 848–860)
Nour Alarabi

Rewriting Paterian Sympathy: Vernon Lee and Elitist Empathy (pages 861–872)
Sarah Townley

Liberating Conversations: John Stuart Mill and Mona Caird (pages 873–883)
Demelza Hookway

When Lions Talk: Wittgenstein, Kipling, and the Language of Colonialism1 (pages 884–893)
Jonathan Rey Lee

‘Of Golden King and Silver Lady’: Yeats and the Pre‐Socratic Philosophers (pages 894–907)
Elizabeth Muller

Afterword: Literature and Philosophy 1850–1910: The View from New England (pages 908–915)
David Greenham

Teaching Guide for: ‘“Moving Things into Certain Places”: Nature, Culture and Art as Practice in Victorian Writing’ (pages 916–917)
Philipp Erchinger

Teaching and Learning Guide for: ‘George Eliot, Harriet Martineau and the Popularisation of Comte’s Positive Philosophy’ (pages 918–919)
Lesa Scholl

Teaching Guide for: ‘Existential Scrooge: A Kierkegaardian Reading of A Christmas Carol’ (pages 920–921)
Shale Preston

‘Eulogiseth Marie: A Critic’s Review of Recent Corelli Scholarship’ (pages 570–587)
Julia Kuehn

Postcolonial Ecocriticism and Victorian Studies (pages 476–488)
John Miller

“The Walter Scott of Tahiti”: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Ballad Translation (pages 489–501)
Letitia Henville

‘Rati Viparite’: Gitagovinda and Erotic (Trans)migrations in Nineteenth Century Bengal I (pages 441–452)
Rangeet Sengupta

‘Rati Viparite’: Gitagovinda and Erotic (Trans)migrations in Nineteenth Century Bengal II (pages 387–393)
Rangeet Sengupta

Recent Studies in Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism (pages 431–440)
Christine Ferguson

TRANS-VICTORIANS: Poetics, Translation, English (pages 380–386)
Meredith Martin

The Psychology of Reading and the Victorian Novel (pages 199–212)
Debra Gettelman

Energy, Ecology, and Victorian Fiction (pages 213–224)
Barri J. Gold

The Other Great Exhibition: Mayhew’s Catalog of the Industrious (pages 95–105)
Priti Joshi

Volume 8 (2011)

Victorian Sexualities (pages 767–775)
Holly Furneaux

A Score of Change: Twenty Years of Critical Musicology and Victorian Literature(pages 776–794)
Phyllis Weliver

Dickens on the Chinese Screen (pages 795–810)
Ting Guo

Haggard Criticism since 1980: Imperial Romance Before and After the Postcolonial Turn (pages 645–659)
Neil E. Hultgren

Recent Studies in Victorian English Literary Dialect and its Linguistic Connections(pages 660–674)
Sue Edney

Three Studies in Literature and Medicine: Reading, Writing, Performance and Empathy (pages 439–442)
 Jessica Howell, Kabir Matharu, Marilyn McIntyre and Masha Mimran

Drama and Empathy in Medical Education (pages 443–454)
Kabir S. Matharu, Jessica Howell and Faith Fitzgerald

Patient Poets: Pathography in Poetry (pages 455–463)
Marilyn McEntyre

Through the Looking-Glass: Joyce’s ‘Circe’, Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and the Poetics of Vision (pages 464–475)
Masha Mimran

‘I Flung Myself into Futurity’: Wells Studies for the Twenty-First Century (pages 476–486)
Steven McLean

Victorian Pornography and the Laws of Genre (pages 340–348)
Kathleen Frederickson

Victorian Thermodynamics and the Novel: Problems and Prospects (pages 206–213)
Allen MacDuffie

Orientalism Reconsidered: China and the Chinese in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Victorian Studies (pages 214–226)
Shanyn Fiske

George Meredith’s Poetry and the Critical Imagination (pages 142–150)
Rebecca N. Mitchell

Volume 7 (2010)

Unsettling the Normative: Articulations of Masculinity in Victorian Literature and Culture (pages 1077–1088)
Dustin Friedman

The Victorian Diary: Between the Public and the Private (pages 977–988)
Anne-Marie Millim

Trollopian Form: An Introduction (pages 851–854)
Lauren M. E. Goodlad

Trollope’s Chapters (pages 855–860)
Nicholas Dames

Trollope, Seriality, and the ‘Dullness’ of Form (pages 861–866)
Carolyn Dever

The Trollopian Geopolitical Aesthetic (pages 867–875)
Lauren M. E. Goodlad

Tennyson at 200: The Bicentenary of the Victorian Laureate (pages 876–882)
John Morton

Literature and the Late-Victorian Radical Press (pages 702–712)
Elizabeth Carolyn Miller

Recent Work on Pygmalion in Nineteenth-Century Literature (p 586-596)
Amelia Yeates

Victorian Literature and the Reception of Greece and Rome (p 484-495)
Isobel Hurst

Ways of Reading Animals in Victorian Literature, Culture and Science (p 347-357)
Jed Mayer

Anglo-Saxonism in Nineteenth-Century Poetry (p 358-369)
Chris Jones

Victorian Print Culture, Journalism and the Novel (p 290-300)
Matthew Rubery

The Distant Future? Reading Franco Moretti (p 214-225)
Rachel Serlen

Deploying ‘Ethics’ in Victorian England (p 226-242)
Hao Li

Volume 6 (2009)

The Travels of Naturalism and the Challenges of a World Literary History (p 1198-1210)
Christopher L. Hill

Global Dickens (p 1211-1223)
John O. Jordan

Fairy Tale and Folklore in the Nineteenth Century (p 785-798)
Caroline Sumpter

Boz, Ba and Derry Down Derry: Names and Pseudonyms in Victorian Literature (p 799-809)
Anna Barton

‘Annotation Mapping’ and What it Means: Developing the Gladstone Catalogue as a Resource for the History of Reading (p 499-510)
Matthew Bradley

Metre, History, Context: Introduction to the Metre Matters Cluster (p 511-514)
Jason David Hall

Reciprocal Scansion in Wordsworth’s ‘There Was a Boy’ (p 515-523)
Emma Mason, Rhian Williams

Robert Browning’s Compounds (p 524-531)
Ross Wilson

The Internationalism of Ernest Jones’s Dialectical Prosody (p 532-539)
Margaret A. Loose

Gender and Authority in British Women Hymn-Writers’ Use of Metre, 1760–1900 (p 540-548)
Nancy Jiwon Cho

Involuntary Metrics and the Physiology of Memory (p 549-556)
Ashley Miller

‘For the Inscape’s Sake’: Sounding the Self in the Metres of Gerard Manley Hopkins (p 557-564)
Summer Star

Beyond Deronda?: Victorian Studies and Jewish Chronicles (p 206-227)
Sarah Gracombe

The Novel (in Theory) (p 228-243)
David Kurnick

Volume 5 (2008)

Representations of the Devil in Fin-de-Siècle Literature (p 1170-1178)
Lizzie White

Victorian Detective Fiction (p 1179-1196)
Andrew Radford

Literature and Medicine: Twenty-Five Years Later (p 964-980)
Peter Melville Logan

Victorian Psychology and the Novel (p 668-680)
Anne Stiles

Recent Scholarship on Walter Pater: ‘Antithetical Scholar of Understanding’s End’ (p 407-423)
Kate Hext

Twentieth-Century Re-Workings of the Victorian Novel (134-144)
Grace Moore

Volume 4 (2007)

Where Next in Victorian Literary Studies? –’Interesting Times’ and the Lesson of ‘A Corner in Lightning’ (p 1475-1484)
David Amigoni

Searching out Science and Literature: Hybrid Narratives, New Methodological Directions, and Mary Russell Mitford’s Our Village (p 1485-1503)
Amy King

The Silver-Fork Novel across Romantic and Victorian Views: Class, Gender and Commodity Culture, 1820–1841 (p 1227-1240)
Muireann O’Cinneide

Formal Pasts and Formal Possibilities in Victorian Studies (p 1241-1256)
Caroline Levine

Victorian Framings of the Mind: Recent Work on Mid-Nineteenth Century Theories of the Unconscious, Memory, and Emotion (p 1257-1276)
Jill L. Matus

Where Next in Victorian Literary Studies? – Introduction (p 1277-1279)
Francis O’Gorman

Where Next in Victorian Literary Studies? – Revising the Canon, Extending Cultural Boundaries, and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity (p 1280-1291)
Joanne Shattock

Where Next in Victorian Literary Studies? – Historicism, Collaboration and Digital Editing (p 1292-1302)
Valerie Sanders

Where Next in Victorian Literary Studies? – Historicism and Hospitality (p 1303-1317)
John Bowen

Amy Levy and Identity Criticism: A Review of Recent Work (p 1318-1329)
Sarah Minsloff

Sowing Wild Oats: The Fallen Man in Late-Victorian Society Melodrama (p 888-898)
David Haldane Lawrence

Studying the Victorian Novel in Print: Professional Authorship and Idiosyncrasy (p 899-916)
Amanpal Garcha

Lyric Narrative Hybrids in Victorian Poetry (p 917-934)
Monique R. Morgan

The Victorian Literature of Fear (p 508-523)
Aviva Briefel

Recent Hardy Criticism (p 284-297)
Ralph Pite

Victorian Feeling and the Victorian Novel (p 298-316)
Rachel Ablow

Portraits of the Girl-Child: Female Bildungsroman in Victorian Fiction1 (p 317-335)
Sarah E. Maier

The Measure of Time: Rising and Falling in Victorian Meters (p 336-354)
Emily Harrington

Volume 3 (2006)

Englishness and the Victorians (p 1408-1421)
Roger Ebbatson

The Victorians’ View of France (p 562-571)
Britta Martens

Towards a Global Ecology of the Fin de Siècle (p 572-587)
Regenia Gagnier, Martin Delveaux

“The Sun Shines on a World Re-Arisen to Pleasure”: The Fin-de-Siècle Metaphysical Revival (p 195-217)
Tracy Seeley

In Such a State of Ink: Adolescents in the Novels of Charles Dickens (p 218-229)
Elizabeth Welburn

The New Woman in the New Millennium: Recent Trends in Criticism of New Woman Fiction (p 32-42)
Ann Heilmann

Volume 2 (2005)

Class and Victorian Poetics (p **-**)
Florence Boos

Mapping the Victorian Sensation Novel: Some Recent and Future Trends (p **-**)
Andrew Maunder

Erotics, Aesthetics, Politics: Henry James Today (p **-**)
Daniel K. Hannah

Like Leaving the Nile. IVANHOE, a User’s Manual (p **-**)
Jerome McGann

The Old Aestheticism and the New (p **-**)
Nicholas Shrimpton

Rethinking the Victorian Sage: Nineteenth-Century Prose and Scottish Common Sense Philosophy (p **-**)
Gavin Budge

Victorian Shakespeare
Gail Marshall

Volume 1 (2004)

Victorian Life Writing (p **-**)
Valerie Sanders

The Material Turn in Victorian Studies (p **-**)
Lyn Pykett

Clasping Hands Across the Gulf: The Victorians and the Eighteenth Century (p **-**)
Francis O’Gorman, Katherine Turner

‘The Victorian’ (p **-**)
Philip Davis

Gourmet Meals and Fast Food: a Vocal Approach to Dickens’s Literature and Journalism (p **-**)
Ian Wilkinson

Dickens, The Haunting Man (p **-**)
Steve Connor

Compass Points for Victorian Poetry Studies: 2002–2004 and Beyond (p **-**)
Linda K. Hughes

Walter Pater Unmasked: Impressionistic Criticism and the Gender of Aesthetic Writing (p **-**)
Stefano Evangelista

Law and Nineteenth-Century Literature (p **-**)
Gill Ballinger

Why ‘Victorian’? A Period and Its Problems (p **-**)
Joseph Bristow

Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical (p **-**)
Gowan Dawson, Jonathan R. Topham

Socialism and Victorian Poetry (p **-**)
Ruth Livesey

Queer Empathy: or, Reading/Writing the Queer in Victorian Poetry (p **-**)
Virginia Blain

The Modern Prometheus?: Victorian Science and Literature (p **-**)
Elisabeth Wadge

The Heart in Victorian Poetry (p **-**)
Kirstie Blair