Edited by Antony Hasler and Liz Oakley-Brown

Volume 12 (2015)

The Politics of Privacy and the Renaissance Public Stage
Eoin Price
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Sighs and Groans: Attending to the Passions in Early Modern Prayer
Naya Tsentourou

Shakespeare’s Living Law: Theatrical, Lyrical, and Legal Practice
Virginia Lee Strain

Labelling Shakespeare’s ‘Last Plays’
Xing Chen
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Shakespeare’s Feet: Puns, Metre, Meaning
Robert Stagg

“Making the Beast with two Backs” – Interracial Relationships in Early Modern England
Miranda Kaufmann

Volume 11 (2014)

Indulgent Representation: Theatricality and Sectarian Metaphor in The Tempest
Gillian Woods

Intercultural ‘Traffique’ in Fulke Greville’s Mustapha
Katrin Röder

The ‘Nothing’ Trope: Self‐Worth in Renaissance Poetry
Anthony Archdeacon

The Lord Mayor’s Show in Early Modern London
Sara Trevisan

Volume 10 (2013)

Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern Literature and Culture
Richard Sugg

Beyond Shakespeare: Early Modern Adaptation Studies and Its Potential
Jennifer Clement

Rereading Prayer as Social Act: Examples from Shakespeare
Joseph Sterrett

‘The countrey is too colde, the people beastly be’: Elizabethan Representations of Russia
Felicity Stout

Royalism and Social Change: The Case of James Howell
Dawn Goldstone

Narratives of Female Suffering in the Petitionary Literature of Civil War Period and its Aftermath
Alison Thorne

Volume 9 (2012)

The Writings of King James VI and I and Early Modern Literary Culture
Jane Rickard

Renaissance Humanism and the Future of the Humanities
Jennifer Summit

A Medieval French Book in an Early Modern English World: Christine de Pisan’sLivre de la Cité des Dames and Women Readers in the Age of Print
Mary Beth Long

“Thus Beholde the Fall of Sinne”: Punishing Helen of Troy in Elizabethan Verse
Katherine Heavey

Virgin America for Barren England: English Colonial History and Literature, 1575–1635
Nathan Probasco

Representing the Duke of Buckingham: Libel, Counter-Libel and the Example of The Emperor’s Favourite
Siobhan Keenan

Teaching and Learning Guide for: ‘Representing the Duke of Buckingham: Libel, Counter-Libel and the Example of The Emperor’s Favourite’
Siobhan Keenan

“A Kyng That Ruled All By Lust”: Richard II in Elizabethan Literature
Lea Luecking Frost

The Prison in Early Modern Drama
Ruth Ahnert

Toxic Encounters: Poisoning in Early Modern English Literature and Culture
Catherine E. Thomas

Volume 8 (2011)

The Kingdom has been Digitized: Electronic Editions of Renaissance Drama and the Long Shadows of Shakespeare and Print
Brett D. Hirsch

Lost Plays from Early Modern England: Voyage Drama, A Case Study
David McInnis

The Use of Legal Concepts in A Cure for a Cuckold
Jane Pettegree

The Chivalric Imagination in Elizabethan England
Marco Nievergelt

Jacobean and Caroline Masquing Culture: Studies on Early Stuart Entertainments, 1998–2010
Peter Sillitoe

Reading the Chester Cycle
Elizabeth M. S. Baldwin

The Imitation of Christ in English Reformation Writing
Nandra Perry

Reading Early Modern Food: A Review Article
Joan Fitzpatrick

Volume 7 (2010)

Early Modern English Catholicism and the Rewriting of Literary History
Susannah Monta

Virtuous Viragos: Female Heroism and Ethical Action in Shakespearean Drama
Unhae Langis

The Literature of Early Modern Childhoods
Edel Lamb

Realigning English Vernacular Poetics Through Metrical Experiment: Sixteenth-Century Translation and the Elizabethan Quantitative Verse Movement
Gabriela Schmidt

Psychoanalysis and Early Modern Culture: Is it Time to Move Beyond Charges of Anachronism?
Elizabeth Jane Bellamy

The Bishops’ Ban of 1599 and the Ideology of English Satire
William R. Jones

The Absent Female Friend: Recent Studies in Early Modern Women’s Friendship
Penelope Anderson

How to do the History of Heterosexuality: Shakespeare and Lacan
Will Stockton

Doing Away with the Drab Age: Research Opportunities in Mid-Tudor Literature (1530–1580)
Mike Pincombe, Cathy Shrank

‘Outlandish Love’: Marriage and Immigration in City Comedies
Scott Oldenburg

Volume 6 (2009)

Toward a Blue Cultural Studies: The Sea, Maritime Culture, and Early Modern English Literature
Steven Mentz

Take Five: Renaissance Literature and the Study of the Senses
Patricia A. Cahill

Some Versions of the Hortus Conclusus in Elizabethan Landscape and Literature
Mark Jones

The Tudor Coronation Ceremonies in History and Criticism
Alice Hunt

New Journeys through Old Voyages: Literary Approaches to Richard Hakluyt and Early Modern Travel Writing
Colm MacCrossan

Romance on the Early Modern Stage
Cyrus Mulready

Volume 5 (2008)

House of Mirrors: Textual Variation and the Mirror for Magistrates
Elizabeth M. A. Human

English Renaissance Drama: The Imprints of Performance
J. Gavin Paul

Volume 4 (2007)

John Milton’s Politics, Republicanism and the Terms of Liberty
Rosanna Cox

Dutch Influences on English Literary Culture in the Early Renaissance, 1470–1650
Ben Parsons

‘Thair is Richt Litill Play at My Hungrie Hart’: Politics and Play in David Lyndsay’s Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis
Joanna Martin

Recent Studies in Religion and Renaissance Drama
David Coleman

‘Knowledge Shall be Increased’: Natural Philosophy and Religion in the Early Modern Utopia
Chloe Houston

Walter Ralegh and the Arts of Memory
Andrew Hiscock

Empire, Exile, and England’s ‘British Problem’: Recent Approaches to Spenser’s Shepheardes Calender as a Colonial and Postcolonial Text
Stewart Mottram

‘Paper Frames’: Lucy Hutchinson’s Elegies and the Seventeenth-Century Country House Poem
Elizabeth Scott-Baumann

The Forgotten Greek Books of Elizabethan England
Kirsty Milne

Noli Me Tangere: Revealing New Approaches to Early Drama
Katie Normington

Women’s Patronage-Seeking as Familial Enterprise: Aemilia Lanyer, Esther Inglis, and Mary Wroth
Theresa D. Kemp

Volume 3 (2006)

My King, My Country, Alone for Whom I Live: The Pragmatic Imperatives of Sir Thomas Wyatt’s Verse
Jon Robinson

What are “Things” Saying in Renaissance Studies?
Julian Yates

Tudor Religious Cultures in Practice: The Piety and Politics of Grace Mildmay and Her Circle
Nancy Bradley Warren

Moors, Race, and the Study of English Renaissance Literature: A Brief Retrospective
Mary Floyd-Wilson

Print Culture, Ephemera, and the Elizabethan News Pamphlet
Paul J. Voss

The View from the Interior: The New Body Scholarship in Renaissance/Early Modern Studies
Sean McDowell

Early Modern Women’s Writing in 2005
Erica Longfellow

Science Studies and English Renaissance Literature
Howard Marchitello

The Development of the English Love Lyric, 1580–1680
Patricia Crouch

Access and Agency in Elizabeth Cary’s The Tragedy of Mariam: Early Modern Closet Drama and the Spatialization of Power
Carol Mejia-LaPerle

“I Can neither Write nor Be Silent:” The Circulation of Women’s Texts in Sidney’s Old Arcadia
Lucian Ghita

Pamphlets and Body-Related Metaphors in Thomas Nashe’s Pierce Penilesse and Strange Newes
Chloe Chen

A Readable Earlier Renaissance: Small Adjustments, Large Changes
A. E. B. Coldiron

Volume 2 (2005)

Men Who Weep and Wail: Masculinity and Emotion in Sidney’s New Arcadia
Jennifer C. Vaught

Recent Critical Approaches to Sidney’s Literary Production
Peter Sillitoe

Short Shrift: Religion and Materialist Criticism
Sean Benson

“Nowhere is a Place”: Travel Writing in Sixteenth-Century England
Evi Mitsi

Early Modern Historiography
Dan Breen

Marian and Jacobean Literature
Sarah Dunnigan

Modern Problems of Editing: The Two Texts of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus
Andrew Duxfield

‘That Every Man May Knaw’: Reformation and Rhetoric in the Works of Sir David Lyndsay
Kevin J. McGinley

From Sermon to Play: Literary Representations of ‘Turks’ in Renaissance England 1550–1625
Stephan Schmuck

Linking Teaching and Research through Technology
Christie Carson

An Age in Love with Wonders: The Philosophical Context of Renaissance Literature
Neil Allan

Paradigms Lost, Paradigms Found: The New Milton Criticism
Peter C. Herman

Volume 1 (2004)

Renaissance Literary Studies after Theory: Aesthetics, History and the Human
Andy Mousley

Friendship in Renaissance England
Christopher Marlow

John Dee and Early Modern Occult Philosophy
György E. Szönyi

Donne and the Uses of Anatomy
Richard Sugg

‘Parrots and Pieces of Eight’: Recent Trends in Pirate Studies
Claire Jowitt

Shakespeare and the Theatre Reviewer
Paul Prescott

Elizabethan Romance
David Salter

Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the Sexual Politics of Translation in Early Modern England
Liz Oakley-Brown

“Where is the court but here?” Undetermined Elite Space and Marlowe’s Edward II
Peter Sillitoe

The Antitheatrical Criticism of Stephen Gosson
Héloϊse Sénéchal

Jacobean and Caroline Prose Romance
Rebecca Lindner

Renaissance Religious Prose
Mary Morrissey