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Literature Compass Pre-Kalamazoo Round-Up

Image: Kalamazoo, Michigan (Source: Wikipedia) As Kalamazoo fast approaches, we’re delighted to provide a list of panels below which Literature Compass editors and board members will be involved with this year. As usual, we hope to have some post-conference coverage of ‘Zoo so do keep an eye on the blog in the days following the … Continue reading

International Medieval Studies Congress, Kalamazoo 2007

Guest Post: Rosalind Field (Royal Holloway, University of London) The Kalamazoo International Medieval Congress is a monster. Out of proportion, developed way beyond its genetic origins, unpredictable and out of place in its tame surroundings (‘how do you get a job like that then’ from a bemused immigration officer at Chicago airport). It’s a truism … Continue reading

The Other Kalamazoo

For about two years now, the BABEL Working Group has been staging creative stealth interventions into medieval studies conferences [primarily the International Medieval Studies Congress at Kalamazoo and the annual meeting of the Southestern Medieval Association, but with plans to travel to the Congress at Leeds, the biennial meeting of the New Chaucer Society, and … Continue reading

Kalamazoo Medieval Conference 2007

This year at Kalamazoo saw another great array of sessions, papers, and special events. I continue to be among those who feel that the expansion of sessions, to the point of 7:30-9:00 p.m. slots, is going a bit far. Sunday morning sessions were one thing, although they made it difficult for those recovering from Saturday … Continue reading