American Literature

Edited by Stuart Christie and Brian Jarvis

Volume 12 (2015)

Spiegelman Studies Part 2 of 2: Breakdowns, No Towers and the Rest of the Canon
Philip Smith

Spiegelman Studies Part 1 of 2: Maus
Philip Smith

Volume 11 (2014)

Don Delillo’s Fiction of Finance Capital
Alessandra De Marco

Made of the Mist: Nineteenth‐Century British and American Views of Niagara II
Adam Hallett

Made of the Mist: Nineteenth‐Century British and American Views of Niagara I
Adam Hallett

Towards a Chinese Perspective on Dickinson
Kang Yanbin

Postmodern Chinoiserie in Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese
Philip Smith

Volume 10 (2013)

‘Sexual Transgression on the American Stage: Clyde Fitch, Sapho and the “American Girl” ’
Theresa Saxon

Poe’s Sea Tales and Economic Man: Decision Making in “MS Found in a Bottle” and “A Descent into the Maelström”
Magdalen Wing‐chi Ki

Trauma Studies and the Literature of the U.S. South
Lisa Hinrichsen

Watching the Watchmen, Mediating the Mediators
Jasons Polley

Re‐thinking American Exceptionalism
Elizabeth Duquette

Race, Ethnicity, Postcoloniality, and the New Jewish (Trans)cultural Studies
Jennifer Glaser

“News from another World”: Career and Critical Responses to Cormac McCarthy
Nicholas Monk

Surrealism, Beat Literature and the San Francisco Renaissance
Joanna Pawlik

Volume 9 (2012)

Poor Whites in Recent Southern Fiction (pages 631–641)
Sarah Robertson
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The Career and Critical Reception of Paul Auster (pages 642–653)
Stefania Ciocia
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The Global Circulation Project’s Forum on Global Modernisms (pages 589–592)
Laura Doyle and Regenia Gagnier
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Translation and World Literature (pages 593–598)
Supriya Chaudhuri
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How to Feel Global: The Modern, the Global and the World (pages 599–606)
Elleke Boehmer
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On the Oxford Handbook of Global Modernisms; or the New WWJD (pages 607–610)
Steven Yao
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Peripheralizing Modernity: Global Modernism and Uneven Development. (pages 611–616)
Paul Young
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Multiplied Modernities and Modernisms? (pages 617–622)
Ning Wang
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Modernist Geographies: The Provinces and the World (pages 623–630)
Katie Trumpener
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“Don’t Be Too Careful of Your Silks and Rags”: Domesticity and Race in 19th-Century American Literature (pages 343–356)
Laura Smith
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From One Gulf to Another: Reading Masculinity in American Narratives of the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars (pages 357–370)
Jenna Pitchford
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The Critical Reception of Kurt Vonnegut (pages 1–14)
Peter Freese
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Masculinity and National Identity on the Early American Stage (pages 106–117)
Sarah E. Chinn
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New York Writing as Transatlantic Literature of Anglo-Identity Reformation (pages 118–128)
Michele Gemelos
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Volume 8 (2011)

‘We have experienced a tragedy which words cannot properly describe’: Representations of Trauma in Post-9/11 Superhero Comics (pages 487–498)
Philip Smith and Micahel Goodrum
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American Literary Naturalism: Critical Perspectives (pages 499–513)
Donna Campbell
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Ishmael as Evolving Character in Melville’s Redburn, White-Jacket, Mardi, andMoby-Dick (pages 514–525)
Michael Broek
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Volume 7 (2010)

The Critical Reception of Lewis Nordan (pages 922–934)
Thomas Ærvold Bjerre
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Nineteenth-Century African American Literature and the ‘New Regionalism’ (pages 935–945)
Eric Gardner

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The Art of Theatre in Nineteenth-Century America: George L. Fox, Pantomime and Artaud (pages 753–762)
Theresa Saxon

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Richard Yates’s Fictional Treatment of Women (p 496-507)
Kate Charlton-Jones

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‘To the Indian Names are Subjoined a Mark and Seal’: Tracing the Terrain of Ojibwe Literature (p 370-386)
David Stirrup

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Disability Studies and American Literature (p 387-396)
Taylor Hagood

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Volume 6 (2009)

Literary Criticism’s Road Scholars at the American Century’s Turn (p 1071-1083)
Lars Erik Larson

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Mina Loy’s Modern Long Poem: New York and the Compensations of Poverty (p 968-988)
Deirdre Egan

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Life in the ‘Hood: Postwar Suburban Literature and Films (p 810-823)
Kathryn Knapp

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The American Grotesque (p 824-841)
Mary McAleer Balkun

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Modern Maturity: Middle-Aged Anxiety in Modern American Fiction (p 253-273)
Melanie Dawson

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Digital Scholarship, Economics, and the American Literary Canon (p 274-290)
Kenneth M. Price

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Mapping the Female Self through the Canadian Landscape: Short Stories by Canadian Women Writing in English (p 1-22)
Cathia Jenainati

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Volume 5 (2008)

Visual Images of America in the Sixteenth Century
Elaine Brennan

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Transcendentalism and Religion: The State of Play (p 1010-1024)
K. P. Van Anglen

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The Transnational Epic in America (p 877-893)
Catherine Morley

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Hemispheric American Studies: Preliminary Thoughts on Research and Pedagogical Challenges (p 435-447)
Caroline Levander

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‘Grammar. In a Breath’: Breathing in Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons (p 448-460)
Flore Chevaillier

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Willa Cather’s West: The Question of Intentionality (p 1-10)
Janis P. Stout

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Thomas Pynchon: Realism in an Age of Ontological Uncertainty? (p 11-19)
Cate Watson

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The Colors of Double Exceptionalism – The Founders and African America (p 20-41)
Robert Oscar Lopez

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The Making of American Working-Class Literature (p 42-57)
Janet Zandy

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Volume 4 (2007)

Toni Morrison and Classical Tradition (p 1514-1537)
Tessa Roynon

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American Women Writers and the First World War (p 525-538)
Elizabeth Nolan

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 172K)

Literature, Social Science, and the Development of American Migration Narratives in the Twentieth Century (p 539-551)
Erin Royston Battat

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 176K)

Exodus as Travelling Theory: Excavating the Promised Land in the African American Imagination (p 552-560)
Anna Hartnell

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 149K)

History, Emotion, and the Body: Mourning in Post-9/11 Fiction (p 561-575)
Benjamin Bird

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Literatures of Wonder in Early Modern England and America
Julie Sievers

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The Literary Representation of Women Doctors in the United States, 1860–1920 (p 576-598)
Frederick Wegener

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Views from the Other Side: Transatlantic Literature and Cultural Exchange (p 355-368)
Heidi Slettedahl Macpherson

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‘Savage Blonde’: Willa Cather and the Making of an American Musician (p 369-383)
Cristina Ruotolo

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Native/American Digital Storytelling: Situating the Cherokee Oral Tradition within American Literary History (p 1-23)
Timothy B. Powell, William Weems, Freeman Owle

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Writing the West: Critical Approaches to Shane (p 24-47)
Ruth Griffin

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Volume 3 (2006)

Cultures of Terror: Nuclear Criticism During and Since the Cold War (p 1186-1199)
Daniel Cordle

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Class and Antebellum American Literature (p 1200-1217)
Andrew Lawson

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 205K)

Whittaker Chambers’s Witness and the Dilemma of a Modern Conservatism (p 940-966)
Michael Kimmage

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 280K)

Going Native: Savage Actors and the Play of Textuality in Melville’s Benito Cereno (p 636-647)
Mahni Ghorashi

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 192K)

Between Hoax and Hope: Miscegenation and Nineteenth-Century Interracial Romance (p 648-657)
Katharine Nicholson Ings

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 148K)

An Overview of Contemporary Chicano/a Literature (p 658-675)
Eva Fernández de Pinedo

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 206K)

The More Things Stay the Same: African American Literature and the Politics of Responsibility (p 676-688)
Kalenda Eaton

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 170K)

‘A New Mimesis’: Approaches to Representation in the Poetry of the New York School (p 244-255)
Alice Wood

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 189K)

Spoon River Anthology’s Heterosexual Heartland (p 256-269)
Scott Herring

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Volume 2 (2005)

Mapping the New American South: New Developments in Southern Writing and Criticism (p **-**)
Polina Mackay

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‘To create and cherish a true southern literature’: Genre, Gender and Authorship in William Gilmore Simms’s Answer to Uncle Tom’s Cabin (p **-**)
Saranne Weller

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 132K)

An Infant Nation: Childhood Studies and Early America (p **-**)
Anna Mae Duane

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 101K)

Cultural Geography and American Studies (p **-**)
Brian Jarvis

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 88K)

Reading Toni Morrison Critically (p **-**)
Jennifer Terry

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 93K)

“Are You Talking to Me?”: Speaker and Audience in Louise Glück’s The Wild Iris (p **-**)
Willard Spiegelman

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 142K)

“I’ll tell you something”: Reader-Address in Louise Glück’s Ararat Sequence (p **-**)
Jane Hedley

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 152K)

Louise Glück’s “I” (p **-**)
Nick Halpern

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Erotics, Aesthetics, Politics: Henry James Today
Daniel K. Hannah

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Volume 1 (2004)

“Empire of the Muse”: American Encounters with Wordsworth
Leslie Eckel

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“Of Avians and Indigenes”: Preliminary Notes on the Orientalization of the New World Native and Natured Others (p **-**)
Thomas C. Gannon

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 126K)

Cross-Cultural and Tribally-Centered Politics: An Overview and a Response to the Current Split in American Indian Literary Studies (p **-**)
Rossitza Ivanova

AbstractReferences | Full Text:   HTML,   PDF (Size: 141K)

Cultivating Peripheral Vision: Ralph Ellison, James Joyce and the Fight of the Century
Kasia Boddy

AbstractReferences |  Full Text: HTML, PDF (87K)

The Language of Flowers: James, Hawthorne, Allegory (p **-**)
Jeremy Tambling

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